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About Morgan


Reflections on Three Years in Real Estate

This first quarter of 2024 marks my third year officially selling real estate! I went into real estate kicking and screaming because I wasn’t ready to give up marketing  & design & letterpress — then COVID changed everything. In hindsight, I’m now able to see that this career was exactly what I needed. I viewed real estate as a sales job, but that’s not how I approach it. For me it’s 100% customer service and I love helping people by providing trusted guidance. I’ve worked hard to build this career from scratch through old school marketing, social media, agent referrals, lender referrals, and my personal sphere. It can be tempting to go the paid lead route, but I believe the best way to build a solid and lasting foundation in this career is through perseverance, authentically nurturing relationships, building connections, and thorough market research. Integrity is so important in a career where many consumers feel slighted or misled. That’s why I intentionally engage with my clients honestly, stand by my word, provide detailed explanations, and offer nothing short of ethical representation.

While most people think of my career as selling historic homes, I’ve also helped folks buy/sell single-family homes, townhomes, new construction, land, farms, vacation/second homes, waterfront properties, commercial buildings, manufactured homes, and luxury properties. I never dreamed I’d dabble in so many areas of real estate, but I think it’s important to learn as many aspects of this field as possible.

A big thanks for supporting me, sharing and engaging with my content, referring me, and trusting in my service. There are a million ways to do this job, but I’m going to keep doing it my way!

More About Me...

I specialize in historic homes because I grew up in a circa 1775 colonial and lived through 20 years of extensive restoration and renovations. You see and learn a lot! I think growing up that way either creates old home lovers or repels them. From day one there was no question my real estate niche and marketing would be heavy on historic!

I love to travel. I fancy myself a Europhile and have explored over 30 European countries in the last 30+ years. If we are going on vacation, odds are we’re going somewhere in Europe…and even better odds it’s Amsterdam!

I’m 38 going on 88. I enjoy all kinds of grandma hobbies like sewing, antiquing, scenic drives, puzzles, downtown walks, tipsy lunches with friends in gardens, bird watching, volunteering etc. I like to keep a quiet life these days to balance all the crazy in this career. Which goes back to my first “about me” being an extroverted-introvert — your girl needs to decompress!

I grew up an equestrienne and loved spending time in barns riding, grooming and caring for horses. I lean a bit fancy, but I’m a country girl through and through. Something I love about this job is that I can tap into both sides — one day I might be dressed up touring a luxury property and the next I’m driving a truck and wearing mud boots while showing land and barns. Getchaself an agent who can do both!

I talk about being 6th generation West Virginian, but my family has deeper roots in Virginia. I favor West Virginia because it’s home and she gets a bad rap. I want to change uneducated perceptions and encourage people to see beyond the stereotypes. We don’t have time for arrogance in West by God!

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