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Mindful Renovations: Outdoor Pool (Part 3)

Historic Home For Sale Near Loudoun County

For the third feature article on the renovations at Mount Ellen, we’re going to focus on the new pool situated in the backyard of this historic home for sale near Loudoun County.

In 2019, the yard and landscaping at Mount Ellen was an overgrown and out-of-control. The backyard was no exception and had become an unruly English garden. The seller said “you couldn’t discern the mulch beds from the grass, nor perennials from weeds.” Before getting to work on the pool, they focused on re-establishing existing brick bed borders, preserved healthy perennials and added several thousand dollars worth of large river stones, black mulch and perennials. All exterior brick was cleaned, pointed and treated with masonry sealer.

Once the yard was in order, the sellers began work on the pool and surrounding hardscaping. From grading to installation, the pool project was finalized in the Spring of 2020. Creating a cozy, resort-like oasis nestled in the rural landscape of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

The sellers chose a 40×16 diving depth fiber glass pool with an 8×16 tanning ledge. The tanning nook includes handmade brick coping and the entire water feature is surrounded by a white aggregate concrete patio. The pool equipment includes an LP heater and LED remote lighting. Just behind the pergola, they added a hidden alcove constructed of concrete slab and limestone ledge stone to shelf the mechanics from the serene surroundings.

Check out the progress photos below. Be sure to keep and eye out for the final, and likely most anticipated, Mount Ellen feature article: the Before and Afters!

Contractor: JC Smith LLC

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